Julian Perretta @ l’Alhambra (Paris) : we were here !

Last July, Julian Perretta played in The Maroquinerie half full, on The October 20th, The Young English Dandy occurred at the Alhambra: once again, the room was full. The audience wasn’t similar to the first one. Younger, more feminine and amators of different hysteral screams, which will gently make laugh the English boy ! Before the beginning of Julian Perretta’s gig (and not Perretti like a journalist from BFM said), Hangar had the charge of setting fire to the room… Well the public was already exited before the show. The audience was mostly composed by teenagers, who we know are quickly moved and for nothing. Hangar perfectly knew that and played on it. The cocktail offered by them is based on a simple premise: a simple rock, teasing, sex and some pelvic movements. Simple but effective after the second song all the girls had a crush on them. The Oldest were a little bit more puzzled by this, waiting impatiently Julian.

After a lengthy completely instrumental introduction, Julian’s tall figure appeared on the scene of the Alhambra. The boy decided to start in a high level with “Urgently Needed“. If Julian take a little time to get into it, the public was already thoughly into it singing loud the lyrics. Without any transition, he sang “King For A Day“: let’s the show begin. Julian was walking, finally at his ease, moving from one side of the scene to the other, headind to the public and jumping everywhere. After seeing this you can say “this boy is really talented” And it was only the second track ! Before to start again his set, the english boy wanted to express his joy of being on stage, he did it half in English and half in French. Indeed, many fans asked him to speak in French but he breaked our heart by saying “Don’t ask me that i can’t”. Anyway he tried several times to talk as much as possible in french after that.

Julian performed all his album for an hour and a half amazing gig. Will follow “Like I Do“, “If I Ever Feel Better” (sang by the entire room) and “Stitch Me Up“. After fifteen minutes of rock, things get more lsowly with “Somebody Loves Me” and “Human“. I didn”t like the recovery at the Maroquinerie, my opinion unfortunately has not changed. Still “too smooth” for me. We find the energy of the set in “I Really Do not Mind” and “1986“. The Dandy Rocker still provided the show and liked to head to the public, with whom he talked a lot. Even if we had felt that he was little shy and overwhelmed by the situation (girls screaming), Julian didn’t hesitate to laugh about this. According to him, the French girls would be those that cry the most his name !

He seemed so pleased to perform for his fans, asking them if they wanted to dance, of course ! how could you say no after seeing him dance on stage. But for him it wasn’t enought, he told to us he has the perfect song to make us dance “She’s Got Me Dancing“. In the middle of the song a girl gave him a piece of paper wrote on it in french “would you like to ride my star all night” and what a coincidence “Ride My Star” was his next and last song.

He came back with “Kings and Queens” singing it only with his bassist. Just before that he explained how much this song was important for him. He was deeply moved and needed few minutes to keep singing. But this guy he’s a showman and just after this he rocked the Alhambra by singing “Miss you“. We felt the same as we felt at The Maroquinerie : we saw the young Mick Jagger in front of us. He was jumping, claping his hands, beating the time, screaming, whispering… at the end of the song he was down on his knees, all hair mess up and all weat. Full of energy as we expected from him ! he finally sang “wonder why“, at first a capella with the fans and then with the band. All good things must end and what a wonderfull end he gave us, in a blaze of glory !!!!!!!!!!
By seeing his smile We bet he wasn’t lying when he told us that he was happy to be here !!! we were to !

Sabine Bouchoul

Tonight was the night : the 3 girls of the blog together for the 1st time in a gig !!!!!
Well, with us it’s never simple, I was late and I didn’t manage to find my friends so I was alone when the first band came on stage. The band was Hangar, a french rock’n’roll band. I only knew one song of them “version originale” a pretty cool song so I was very exited of listenning their other songs. They sang 5 tracks including “Paola” (the name they gave us, quite a ridiculous name in fact !). Well I was quite (very) disapointed all was just a big “déjà vu”, their main song is like I said “version originale” and they are not original at all… The rythmic figures were heard sooo many times in blues, country music, even their attitude on stage seemed to be lend to somebody. I’m 22, maybe I’m too old for those stuff but they were so clichés and moreover their bassist wasn’t wearing underwears… it was quite disturbing for us. A french actor said once “wear a black tie shows our respect to our fans” well in this case I would like to say “wear underwears, respect the fans“.

Well after this I managed to find my friends, I’ve made my way trough all those girls who absolutly wanted to be close to the stage and of course close to Julian. I’ve to say that I almost lost my life several times :p
*Here comes the guyyy*
It wasn’t his first gig in Paris but it was for me and what a nice suprise. Since the first song and all long the gig lasted I was dumbfounded !!! I mean Julian is 21 and when you see him singing/dancing in front of his fans it looks like he has doing this all his life. He did everything perfectly : singing (even in acoustic), dancing, talking to us in english and french. I have to tell this : he told us “merci bocu” (bocu is how you hear it) instead of “merci beaucoup” (bocou) to say thanks very much but when you hear “bocu” it means nice ass (you write it “beau cul”) it was so funny ahahaha !!!!!! We were communing with him !!! Doing all this at this age is nothing but is a proof and a solid result of hard work.

Lamiya Aït Said

Do you know what I mean if I speak about Julian Perretta, the new Pop Icon ? No idea? And Stitch Me Up ? Wonder Why ? Shame on you ! Where you were this Oct. 20th ? Not in Paris, don’t worry, we are here to explain you on detail what you have missed.

The show begins at 21h30 pm, acclaimed by hysterical fans. The atmosphere is hot and crazy, in opposite to is showcase of 08.10.10. This time everyone was calm, znd the show was intimist complicity reigned at La FNAC. L’Alhambra was in trance. Girls screaming Julian’s name, some secret messages was transmitted to him. Julian Perretta become definitely a kind of « sex symbol ».

Beyond the appearance,he’s a truly talented artist. He’s only 21 years old, but he sings awesome this songs, and some covers like « Miss You » of The Rolling Stones. The guy adds his signature and the result is perfect. Julian’s voice is wonderful, close to the soul in his intonations.He charms this audience. His album, a bomb, explodes on stage, it’s impossible to keep calm when you listen it. « Wonder Why », the hit of the year 2010, has inflamed the Parisian room. Nothing can stop the storm Perretta.

But, for me : a little disappointment, « Say You Don’t Mind ». The song missing from the setlist. But, don’t worry, it’s nothing, the rest was a perfect gig, for sure.

Marie Conte